How to Learn the Various Hand Values ​​of Blackjack

How To Learn Blackjack Hand Values ​​- Blackjack is the most interesting and popular card game in the world of casinos. Blackjack game rules are quite simple and easy to pick up. The best thing is that you don't have to be a math genius to make the most of the game.

Instead, you just need to have a much better understanding of the basic rules and be more observant about betting patterns. You also need to know when to double up and when to stand. Apart from that, knowing the Hand Value of Blackjack is very important.

Hand Totals

Hand Total refers to the total point value of all the cards a player has. For example, if a player has a card consisting of a card number 5 and a card number 4, then the total card is 9. Conversely, if the player has a card number 5 and an ace, then the hand total is 16.

Player's Hand

Player's Hand refers to the cards that are dealt to players. Initially, two cards are dealt to each player at the Blackjack table. If the player scores 21, it becomes a Blackjack hand, and the player wins. One way for players to achieve the desired score is to get a 10-value card and an ace. However, if the player goes over 21 it is known as a bust. If a player does not manage to get Blackjack with the initial two cards being dealt.

Then they can ask for an additional card to get closer to 21 in this one game. The act of asking for another card is known as hitting in Blackjack. New card values ​​are added to the total score. So, players must also be careful to get close to 21 without going over it. If you don't want to get more additional cards, then you can choose to stand.

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How to Learn the Various Blackjack Hand Values?

Blackjack Hand

When the point value of your cards totals 21, then it is known as a BOMJITU Blackjack hand. There's a good chance you'll get a Blackjack card right away when the first two cards are dealt to you. For example, if you manage to get an ace and the card is worth 10, then it's a Blackjack card. Similarly, when you get an ace and a queen, that is also a Blackjack hand.

Soft Hands

Soft Hand is another type of Hand that you need to know about in Blackjack. A soft hand is a situation where an ace in a player's hand can count as 1 or 11 points. If you have a soft hand, you are in an advantage over the dealer. This gives you greater flexibility and will give you assurance that your next hit won't be a flop.

However, that doesn't mean you have to always hit when playing this type of gambling game. You also have to be very careful with your decisions to avoid possible defeats. There are a number of combinations that can produce a soft hand. Some combinations include:

Three, four, and ace
Nine and one ace
Four and ace
Hard Hands

A hard hand is a type of hand that does not have varying ace values. A player can have an Ace with a single point value or no Ace. Situations where a Hard Hand can occur include:

Three, ace and jack
Seven and ten
Five, eight and ace
Ten, seven, and ace
Six, five and ace

That's a review on how to learn the various Blackjack hand values ​​and Thai server slots. Hopefully useful for you.